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Dragon Ball Z

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1Dragon Ball Z Empty Dragon Ball Z on 19th March 2012, 6:20 am


This is probably the only anime I actually like.

I fucking love Dragon Ball Z, and always have since I was like 4. I'm not some hardcore fan who likes the original Japanese dub with the Japanese soundtrack, but I really only like the Funimation dub with Bruce Faulconer's fucking great soundtrack.

He provided a pretty damn good soundtrack, mostly industrial rock.

But aside from that, I really like the storyline, animation, and god damn the series has some great moments.

However, I didn't really like the series too much after the Cell Saga. I just thought that the Majin Buu (and all those other sagas after Cell) were kinda ridiculous. I thought Majin Buu was far too powerful, and the fact that practically everyone, even little kids, managed to become super-saiyans, which was something previously portrayed as rare, legendary, and all the likes.

For example, Goku first turned into a super saiyan after YEARS of training. He finally snapped after witnessing his best friend's death at the hands of Frieza. Vegeta turned into one after years of training and an intense desire to surpass Goku. Future Trunks lived in an apocalyptic world in fear of deadly androids that terrorized the world and turned into one after his best friend and trainer died. Gohan always had great potential, but finally fulfilled this while training to fight cell.

Then during the sagas after Cell, Trunks (present time, the other came back from the future) got punched in the face or something, and Goten got kicked by his fucking mom.

Yeah, real struggle and hardship there huh.

Also fuck Kai.

Anyway, yeah, great series.

Some great moments:

Dragon Ball Z Daysig11

2Dragon Ball Z Empty Re: Dragon Ball Z on 6th April 2012, 3:23 pm


Dragon Ball Z is an anime? Holy shit... This just flipped my life upside down. Anime has always been the absolute most shitty faggy trash that has ever been ejaculated from the facialy located dicks of the flamboyant fucking sabordanates otherwise known as "Artists". But i have always liked DBZ...

This changes everything. How am I supposed to know whats real anymore? Perhaps I dont even like Toast... FUCK! SHIT! CUNT! ASS! suicide

Nick Greening is a sexy beast.

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