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House (Hausu) (1977)

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1 House (Hausu) (1977) on 5th June 2012, 2:15 am


Here's the trailer:

I posted this before in the "what the fuck am I watching" thread along with RoboGeisha.

Well, I was invited over by a few friends to watch this one as well, and it actually topped RoboGeisha in the sense of complete fucking chaos and not knowing what the fuck was going on.

The basic rough generalization of the story could be to say that some girls are taking some road trip to visit their aunt or some shit, and the house is haunted by a demonic cat or some fucking shit like that.

It was fucking hilarious. The effects were so cheesy and the cinematography was all over the fucking place.

There were tons of effects in there too, animation, video effects, coloring, etc. At points it looked like some psychedelic cartoon from the 60's.

I recommend watching it for a laugh.

Or if you're high.

Or something.


2 Re: House (Hausu) (1977) on 5th June 2012, 2:21 am


0:33, 1:05, and 1:19 completed my life.

but mostly 1:19

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