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Guardpost (GP506) -- The best horror film I have ever watched

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My review of the Guardpost (GP506 in Japan)

So long as you don't mind sitting through a really long movie, with a lot of flash forwards and flash backs or having to read a lot of subtitles, this is an amazing film. It takes place in a Guardpost, they are large labyrinth like bases built during the cold war. They are still kept active and are currently occupied by soldiers to this day. It opens up with one of the most horrificly gory scenes and most realistic depiction of blood and guts I have ever seen, I have a good experience and knowledge of exactly how much blood and gore should be seen. Most of the time blood is underestimated, many people complain about "Blood being to runny" or "There being too much" but blood is thinner and runnier than water (It has to be, for it to fit through many of the vessels which can be as thin as 1/3 of a hair) although it begins to dry after about a minute outside the body, you have 10 pints of blood in your body and you can lose up to 4 pints without dying and your heart can generate enough pressure to spray blood up to nine meters. That's a fuckload of mess.

Moving swiftly on, the film follows the investigation of the soldiers in the base after they are all horrifically mutilated, leaving only two survivors, one of which is unconscious. The discover the cause to be a disease which causes people to slowly dissolve into insanity, they become aggressive and harm themselves and others around them along with gut churning symptoms such as massive warts and rashes, rotting flesh and all shown in gloriously realistic details. It is THE most violent and realistic movies I have seen. The other element is the emotion, the actors capture the fear, despair and overall feeling of there characters amazingly. Throughout the film I found myself absorbed into the moment and constantly forgetting it is not real.

An amazingly high adrenaline, fast paced film with extremely creepy scenes, jumpy bits and shockingly gruesome parts. It has a large portion of action and one of the best ever climaxes Ive seen since Scarface, which I honestly didn't see coming at all. And the last scene, depicting a final flashback explains and opens up so much more understanding. When watching the film through a second time, things all become so much clearer and you begin to realize things you wouldn't have the first time around.

It's easy to say, that a film has not been this good, scary or enjoyable in a long time. I found myself literally jumping out of my seat, cringing as ever slash, smack and gunshot went straight through me and the adrenaline and fear did not wear off for hours after when I went to sleep. Its easily the best horror film I have ever watched. In fact I can only think of one film I have ever enjoyed more and that would be Scarface. It is sick, twisted, disturbing, gruesome, horrifying, gut churning, high octane, scary as hell, action packed and undeniably entertaining.

If you ever get the chance, Fucking watch it, just like I did. Late night, doors locked, curtains drawn, lights out and alone. Good luck getting to sleep afterwards.

Nick Greening is a sexy beast.


I've heard a ton about this movie, I still need to watch it sometime though.


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