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Zone Of The Dead (Apocalypse Of The Dead) 2009

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Its a relatively low budget zombie horror movie. Ive read a lot of reviews about it that seam to be either really negative or really positive. Either way they all seam to be misinformed or innacruate.

I think the thing people dislike most about the film is the "voices" and the "expression" of there acting. I can't argue, the inconsistancies are very hard to miss. However this is because almost all the actors are Serbian and can't speak English. This obviously makes it very hardfor them to act in english and more importantly catch the expression right. I think Ken Foree has his momments but overall the voices would be much better if they let the actors speak in Serbian and put subtitles in English.

Next thing (Again I can't argue) Is the way that the film is extremely generic. It follows the genre pretty much by the book.Allthe roles seam to follow the same general formula as you would expect. Nothing comes particularly unexpected, the person who wants to be left to die, person needs to be killed after bitten etc. In all fairness there isn't really many ways you can diversify the zombie genre. But then they don't make much attempt. The thing that bothers me (If anything) is how all the actors other than the prisoner who seams to know exactly what's going on, doesn't know a thing about zombies. They act like they have never seen a zombie movie before, couldn't even work out how to kill them on there own.

Watching the religous nut alienate people with his ramblings about "the end of days" and how "Demons walk among us" yada yada yada ya can be a little annoying. Then he is a total badass. The bazookas, the machetes, the harpoon gun and the twin sub machine guns are all great scenes. Theres plenty of carnage, murder and mayhem after you pass that 45 minute mark (Up until which is the general build up and the opening storyline).

I think the thing I do have to give enormous kudos to is the makeup and gore effects. Some of the best I have seen in zombie movies, particularly on the low budget. Rotting flesh, dismembered limbs, the bubonic plague and organs galore. All very nice and extremely realistic. It's not all good, the green gas effect at the start for instance was very dissapointing. Other than that and a few other small and easily overlooked blunders, I would say they did a pretty good job.

It remains one of my personal favorites, every now and then I still watch it. If you get the chance then give it a watch. It's a pretty good film, it has it's ups and downs. But in the end it's well worth watching, then again I'll leave it to you to judge for yourself.

Also note Zone Of The Dead 2 has been planned since the films releasein 2009. I await this with great anticipation and hope for something good.

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