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Unrest (2006)

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1 Unrest (2006) on 31st December 2012, 7:32 pm


Watched this recently

Unrest is a 2006 horror film which was selected for the 8 Films To Die for film festival, It was awarded best film at the International Horror and Sci-fi filom festival and the lead actress won best actor. It's claim is "The first film to use real human bodies" which is FALSE, Poltergeist (A great classic) was the first (Known, non-snuff) film which used real human bodies in 1982. It was shot in a real morgue, where the cast and crew reported haunting nightmares.

Short review:
It revolves around a haunted cadaver that kills people. It could have been better, it has a slight psychological side to it, a few grizly bits which make you want to cringe. Not many surprises I'm afraid to say. I was waiting a long time to get hold of this one though so I'm probably just seeing disappointment because it doesn't live up to my high set expectations. Even so I give a 8/10 making it a pretty good watch, definitely one to see if you get the oppurtunity.

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