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1 Cube on 23rd February 2014, 10:42 pm


Imagine you woke up in a cubical metal room, realising you have been kidnapped. There is a door on each side which leads to another room which may lead you to a death trap. Now imagine that their are 17,576 of these rooms, they moved around changing position in a set order and only one specific room at one specific time during the movement would grant you exit. Now you're in the Cube.

Dear god I love this films concept. It's just a mathematical mindfuck. It's incredibly cryptic, since it's all about a mathematical code which tells them where the rooms are at what time and which is safe and all about the individual skills the characters have, which is why they were obviously chosen for the experiment, of course it only focuses on what happens after they were put in the cube and not on what purpose it serves and why. Which I would like to know. It's claustrophobic, it's got creative traps and deaths, it does surprise you at various times and it will fuck with your head. It's stylish and looks fucking cool, it's part of the reason I love old sci-fi films like Alien 2's sets more, they're dark, cold and sinister looking and if people had any sense they would still make sets like them. On top of this, how many films can be entirely filmed on nothing but ONE FUCKING SET without you bothering to question it?

Also, I have to say. Do not even fucking bother watching Cube 2: Hypercube. It's an uninventive pile of regurgitated physics bullshit that makes you wonder what idiot dreamt it up. In saying that, he probably didn't dream so much as hallucinate from suffocating on his own drool. It sacrifices the cool looking cube design for... A neon white box? Instantly losing the dark, claustrophobic effect of it. It tries to be smart, but isn't saying as much as it thinks, with a basic concept dumbed down so toddlers could grasp it and they try to sell it as some super complex and enigmatic concept. Allow me to explain. Unlike the first one their are no traps (yeah, that's a piss take), their is no code to tell where you are or anything instead the rooms seem to randomly connect to one and another. It works on the idea of alternate times and realities as well as space and time folding back on itself, that means you can walk from one door and end up back in the same room, or one room time moves faster or slower and the gravity can shift room to room and sometimes you can run into a time paradoc duplicate of someone.

Although it sounds smart, it never amounts to anything, it doesn't affect the plot, progression or their ability to escape or progress through the cube. Instead random spinning shapes and what look like crystals bulging from the walls kill the characters which it's never explained how and why this happens. All topped off by an ending which tricks you into thinking they're may have been some creative storyline that will be explained, thus redeeming this film. Instead you get what I can only describe as genocide of expectations.

Cube 2 blows. Now I'm off to go check out the prequal Cube Zero, despite the tranwreck of Cube 2. But hey, it cost me £0.50 so whatever.

Nick Greening is a sexy beast.

2 Re: Cube on 24th February 2014, 12:33 am


Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast
ok I only read the first paragraph but now I immediately want to watch it.

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