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Ichi The Killer

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1Ichi The Killer Empty Ichi The Killer on 19th April 2014, 9:47 pm


One hell of a film, let me tell you. Some pure nasty ass shit along with some scenes violent for the sake of being violent.

I'm really struggling to process the end, I had several theories for what could have happened. Fans all discuss it and seem to agree that their are multiple possibilities along with the multiple subverse meanings behind the film (particularly the ending). Everything gets quite blurred.

It's been criticized for just being random pointless violents. I think that the point is missed entirely. It's just one big take on violence and the various different types of killers and psychopaths, showing what causes and fuels violence in people and why people seem to love violence so much. It doesn't really give any opinions on the violence or portray it from one angle, like so many modern horror films do. I've always found it hypocritical when film makers create a film that tries to portray a moral, such as Anti-Violence, by showing us violence in an attempt to prove it's point, which in itself is just indulging in what it what it's suppost to be against. Kinda like people against sexism, or christianity.

Where as this film let's you draw your own conclusions about it.

But about the ending.

Kakihara develops an obsession with Ichi, it was earlier revealed that he was a compulsive masochist, a fact which is a fact focused on at various points in the film. It's inferred he loved and possibly had sexual relations with his boss, despite not being gay, he simply thrived off of the pain inflicted every time his boss would beat the fucking shit out of him. He believes that Ichi may ultimately be able to satisfy his ultimate masochistic desires. Ichi basically being the ultimate sadist and him the ultimate masochist. It is also inferred that he ultimately wants someone to murder him (Though he wishes to die in an unimagineably brutal way), however this doesn't seem to happen. Ichi kills him, by cutting his skull, after he inserts needles into his ears (possibly hitting his brain). He then falls of a building and dies.

The argument is, when his corpse is shown, there is no cut in his head, possibly a continuation error or film mistake. But there are other possibilities. I'll mention a few.

Kakihara is insane, he may be psychitzophrenic. Ichi just being another side of him. Thus he could have completely hallucinated the ending, Takeshi is seen decapitated, however at the end a man is seen looking back that appears to be an older version of Takeshi. It's possible Kakihara was murdered by Takeshi as he goes into a frenzy kicking the shit out of Ichi, whilst he hallucinated it was Ichi killing him, or he simply got up and jumped off of the building himself, fantasizing Ichi was doing it.

The idea that Kakihara and Ichi are the same person was brought about since at the end, his henchman appears to be pointing the gun at both of them, since they are standing in a line. The henchmans expressions can be interpretted in different ways. The idea that he wanted to either be badly hurt or killed by Ichi is supported by the fact he seems to deliberately corner himself and by the fact he says "Damn, nobody kills me." and by how extatic he seems when he talks about how scared he is of Ichi and also mentions he wants to meet him.

It's also equally possible that he hallucinated being killed by Ichi due to damaging his brain with the needles and jumped off the building himself. Kakihara and Ichi could still be the same person, but if this theory is correct then they are most likely 2 different people.

Alternatively the ending could be entirely hallucinated, as Kakihara is shown afterwards sat in what looks like a dungeon, a jaw dropping scene if I do say so. It's possible it's just a fantasy of what could have been and at the end he walked away (possibly killing Ichi, or maybe leaving him alive, or maybe Ichi was killed by Takeshi).

One interesting theory about the ending was that it was Kakihara in hell, a possibility brought up by the Japanese fans. I'm not sure whether this is based off of the Japanese perseption of the afterlife or not, or some other shit. But he does seem rather happy in that short clip, he loves pain more than anything and what better place for that then in hell?

Jiiji is seen dead at the end hanging from a tree, along with who looks like an older takeshi, who looks back before the film ends. It's possible that Takeshi killed Jiiji, or maybe Jiiji killed himself because he lost Ichi, who he had been using as an assassin which pretty much puts him out of business. Although it's not clear if Ichi dies and if he lives, whether he still has the will to kill.

I'm forgetting some other possibilities but bleh.

Nick Greening is a sexy beast.

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