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Hey I found cool thought you guys might like to check it out let me know in the thread bec

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afro hello my name is Geoffrey I was hoping you finding this cool place it is very excitable. Warning you must be old and like being mean also this site is cool because it knows im too lazy to registre to any forums as iz.  Rolling Eyes  I said iz because is sounds like a z sometimes but obviously its not.

pirat let me know in the thread comments below what you think and rate one out of twenty what is your favorite part about it okay thank you have nice medication day. flower lol! farao


Bullshit Veteran (1000+)
Bullshit Veteran (1000+)
go count your dick



Shiet fishing accounts are getting lazy
Just put your dick on the hood, bruh


Nothing changed
Got the buick with the seats pulled out
Running lip, talking shit until the heat comes out


who made this

come on fess up this can't be real

Hi, do you have ants in your yard?
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