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Feathers and Flesh by Avatar

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1Feathers and Flesh by Avatar Empty Feathers and Flesh by Avatar on 15th January 2017, 6:36 pm


(Yep, another book associated with a favorite band of mine lmao.)

Just last year, Swedish metal band Avatar released a concept album that tells the story of an Owl trying to stop the sun from rising. The Eagle in the character is viewed as the light bringer, so the Owl gathers an army of animals to fight the Eagle's army. The story has metaphors relating to children who were forced to grow up too fast, as well as a large array of different morals along the way that were not realized until the end of the story.

Because of how dense the album was, the story and lyrics couldn't be crammed into an album booklet, so they published one!

It's a great book to read along with the album to, as over the course of the album, the vocalist acts as many different animals that the owl meets throughout the story. Having a clear representation of that along with some nice illustrations is pretty great, and I'm happy for them that they were able to see this vision through.

Feathers and Flesh by Avatar Daysig11

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