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The Final Destination series

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1 The Final Destination series on 26th January 2012, 1:35 am


I've loved these movies for a long time. The creativity in the deaths is what has really stuck out to me.

So in spirit of the thread, I'll give a short version of my views on each film.

FD1: Great film, sets the start for the series, nice deaths, an interesting plot, yeah.

FD2: Alright film, too closely (and somewhat ridiculously) modeled after the events of the previous film. Plus, the whole idea of the premonition became a sort of gimmick in this one. Still, the deaths weren't too bad.

FD3: Probably my favorite. Well crafted, interesting, some of my favorite deaths that kept you guessing, and so on.

FD4: Stale, seems like a clear loss of ideas. It was the first film to take the series into 3D, and it did so in a ridiculous manner by pretty much using the movie to show off the 3D rather than the movie its self.

FD5: Close second favorite. This one really brought the series back to its roots. It was very suspenseful, well made, and the deaths were fucking fun. Like FD4, it was in 3-D as well, but the technology didn't feel like it was raped and used in ridiculously inappropriate settings.


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